Community Carepoint, Incorporated is a compassion-based organization that exists to enhance local communities through fund-raising, development, partnerships, and programs. We partner with individuals and organizations to resource and develop programs, services and facilities to meet the wide variety of benevolent, social, recreational and educational needs in various regions of Pennsylvania. Current projects include Adventure Park, Adventure Zone Playground, Adventure Fitness Trail, and Adventure Volleyball Courts.
Our vision is to meet the people of our commununity and the world with God's love, where they are, to show them where they can be through the saving message of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Adventure Park includes a playground,
fitness trail, volleyball courts, snow-tubing hills, soccer fields, and more. The entire park is designed for all ages, and all physical abilities.
UCP works to advance the independence, productivity and full citizenship of people with disabilities through a network that has helped millions.
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